On Being A Citizen

Kindergarteners children with teacher

Anyone who has parented a toddler has learned the hard way that you can’t reason with a child of that age. So you devise strategies (some good, some not so much) to get the child to do what you want them to do with the least amount of yelling and screaming from both of you. These include 1) Offering limited, either/or choices: you can wear this dress or this one); 2) Bribery: if you take your bath, you can watch TV; 3) Frightening the child with dire consequences: you’ll get sick if you don’t wear your coat; 4) Comparing the child with someone who complies: your brother ate all his peas, why can’t you? and 5) when all else fails, you force the kid to do what you want and endure the screaming and crying, knowing that eventually the child will exhaust herself and fall asleep.

Sadly, this is how our government relates to us these days. Click here to Read More